/Who can Buy My House?

Who can Buy My House?

Who can Buy My House? The first thing to figure out when you are going to sell a house is the real estate market. Who are the buyers in this specific market? Well, in real estate, there can be different buyers than can purchase your house. It’s not just your typical everyday real estate company that buys/sells homes. Let us tell you about some of the options you have available if you were to sell your house. for more information click here worldentertainmentonline.com.

Real Estate Companies

The first and the most apparent buyer is a traditional real estate company. If I wanted to sell my house fast, this would probably not be my first choice. On average, a real estate agent closes a deal in 30-45 days. And it can stretch even longer easily. When someone is in urgent need of cash or has to move quickly, this type of buyer can be less feasible to them.


iBuyers are a relatively new phenomenon. These companies offer you cash for a home, and how they differentiate from the rest of the real estate market is that they use computer algorithms to deduce the value of your property. Their main benefit is a quick cash offer but be prepared for a lower offer on your house than using a traditional agency.

House Flippers

A house flipper buys a property to quickly resell it for profit or hold that property for rent. They usually tend to purchase rundown or as-is properties on low cash offers and then renovate these properties for their profit. If your house is not in very good condition, you can sell it to a house flipper for a cash offer.

Cash Home Buyers

Who can Buy My House? You must have seen some boards not belonging to a real estate agency, which have “we buy houses” written on them. These companies are commonly known as cash home buyers. If you want to sell the house for cash quickly, they can be a viable option. Although a cash offer is almost always lower than the market value, these cash buyers are mostly localized companies. And as they know their market very well, you can expect to receive an acceptable cash offer in most cases. They can give you a cash offer within 24 hours of contact, and as they don’t have to deal with mortgages and loan approvals, most cash home buyers can close as fast as in 7 business days.

What is the Best Way to Sell My House Fast?

Who can Buy My House? There is a big difference if ‘I want to sell my house fast’ and when ‘I need to sell a house fast’. The same is true for you. So, figuring out which option is the best to sell a house depends on many variables, which include your financial status, medical emergencies, or other happenings in your life. Therefore, there is no objective answer to “what is the best way to sell my house?”. But the fastest and the easiest way is indeed selling your house for cash.