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Top 5 Countries to Study MBA Abroad

Choosing the best country to study MBA abroad is one of the most difficult tasks when looking for foreign universities, but choosing the right one can open many doors. The Master of Business Administration, or MBA, is one of the courses gaining popularity due to the career opportunities it provides. If the university where you are pursuing your MBA is reputable, it will be easier to find employment on campus. To have a significant impact on your future career prospects, it is critical to consider the best countries to study MBA abroad. Before we go over the countries that offer some of the best MBA degrees available in other countries, let us first discuss the advantages of doing so.

Here is the list of the top 5 best countries to Study MBA Abroad

The United States

The United States takes pride in being the first country in the twentieth century to introduce an MBA program, and other countries quickly followed suit. Some of the best universities in the United States that offer an MBA degree stand out from the competition due to strong infrastructure support and internship opportunities. B-schools in the United States not only provide practical training through projects but also expose students to cutting-edge content and technology.

You will also have the opportunity to expand your network and meet the right people who will groom you to become a business executive or a budding entrepreneur in the future. To be admitted to a business school in the United States, you must have two to ten years of work experience. In addition, your GRE/GMAT and English language proficiency test IELTS/TOEFL scores are required to study MBA in the United States.

The United Kingdom

London is a major banking and financial center. The excellent opportunities provided by the UK’s service sector have made it a popular destination for Indian students. Aside from a large Indian population, the international reputation of the UK’s business schools attracts international students. B-schools in the United Kingdom are concerned with a student’s professional development and offer a wide range of specializations such as Consulting, Hospital Administration, Finance and Accounting, Marketing, and Arts Management.


Australia has 75 globally recognized MBA programs from some of the top business schools, with EQUIS and AACSB accreditation and numerous learning opportunities. Furthermore, universities in Australia provide an enviable lifestyle and a strong entrepreneurial mindset. Because of the country’s multiculturalism, students understand both Eastern and Western aspects of business management. To be admitted to an MBA program in Australia, candidates must pass the GRE/GMAT and IELTS/TOEFL exams. Australian business schools have two intake sessions per year, in January and September.


Canada is the most popular destination for Indian students seeking to pursue an MBA abroad. This is due to the fact that it is home to some of the world’s most influential and prominent corporations. More than quality education, Canada is thriving in mining, oil and gas, healthcare, information technology, architecture, agriculture and forestry, and the manufacturing industry. When students finish their degrees and look for work, they realize the value of a thriving economy.

New Zealand

If you’re looking for an amazing MBA experience, consider studying in New Zealand. The Country has seen a massive surge in international students. Though there was nothing special about New Zealand earlier, of late, students have started identifying New Zealand to be a great country and its education system to be highly rewarding. The country is home to some of the world’s top business schools.

Each of these countries has something unique to offer to MBA students, so do your research and find the country that meets your requirements best. Regardless of where you study, the experience will be priceless. An MBA from a world-class university will provide you with the skills and knowledge you need to succeed in today’s competitive job market. So don’t put it off any longer; start looking into programs today. 

Why Should You Consider a Foreign MBA Degree?

While there are numerous benefits to pursuing an MBA from a study-abroad destination, we have listed a few of those benefits below:

Lucrative Job Offers and Packages

The average salary that a student can expect after completing an MBA degree from a recognized B-school abroad is much higher than that of a graduate from an Indian university. While an MBA graduate in the United States can expect to earn around US $60,000 (INR 45 lakhs) per year, the average yearly salary in India is around INR 10-20 lakhs.

Networking Opportunities with Industry Experts

You will broaden your network by interacting with students from various backgrounds, faculties, industry experts, potential experts, and so on while studying in some of the best countries to study MBA abroad. These networking opportunities will help you open the doors to some promising future career opportunities. An MBA from a reputable international university can help you become a Chief Executive Officer (CXO) or advance in your entrepreneurial career.

Get Global Exposure and the Capability to Acquire Practical Knowledge

Dealing with new-age business problems is one of the industry’s most difficult challenges. The world-class teaching methods will familiarise you with the industry world and provide you with an advantage over advanced business management techniques.