/Does Rihanna Write Her Own Songs?

Does Rihanna Write Her Own Songs?

Does Rihanna Write Her Own Songs? Songs are usually vocal sounds made by the human voice. It can be associated with care and well-written lyrics. A song can also be composed of different musical notes and musical instruments. Rihanna is a phenomenal musical artist, well-known for her unique style of music, Rock and Blues. for more information click here https://www.worldentertainmentonline.com.

The question here is Does Rihanna write her songs?

Rihanna is a well-known musician and requires a lot of discipline and hard work. She’s had to go through many hardships and overcome many obstacles. Yet, Rihanna rose to the top despite all of these. Rihanna has been recognized for her outstanding performances on and off stage and her powerful voice. Rihanna wrote her songs, despite all this. Yes, she does. However, the majority of her hits were written by other artists.

Rihanna’s Top Ten Hit Songs

Who would have thought that the Barbadian girl who sang “Pon de replay” would become a global star, selling out arenas and closing events? Rihanna has over 100 singles, each making it to the airwaves. Let’s review her top ten hits.

We found love (ft Calvin Harris)

It was released in 2010. She did not compose the song. However, many people had already done an original version. But when she entered the picture, the song became a worldwide sensation. It topped the Billboard 100 for more than nine weeks. Her incredible music attracted the attention of many artists, as they received different reactions.

Umbrella (ft Jay Z)

Umbrella, a hit song from 2017, is still a big hit. The song is a fantastic example of creativity in music, as it crosses multiple genres. Rihanna took the piece to new heights with the Billboard 100 and many other awards and nominations.

She also won the first-ever Grammy Awards for it. But the truth is, she didn’t write it. Instead, tricky Stewart, Kuk Harrill, and The Dream penned the song.

Four Five Seconds (with Paul McCartney & Kanye West)

Paul McCartney is no stranger to the music business. He performed a song with Michael Jackson back in the 1980s. Likewise, Kanye West isn’t a newcomer to the music industry. The group came together to make this hit song, but Kanye West was responsible for the entire project while he worked with her on her album release.


To date, the song is still a significant hit and will never be forgotten by her listeners. However, Rihanna is a talented artist who can adapt to any music. So, she switches to Sia’s sweet power ballad song. It earned her many praises at home and abroad, as well as making it to the Billboard.

How to Write a Song

Does Rihanna Write Her Own Songs? A song can be compared to writing a story or a book because every piece conveys a message to its listeners. Three key steps are required to create a masterpiece song.

Idea brainstorming

It is essential to come up with an idea for the song. This phase will require you to consider many things. Using your imagination, favorite lines, and even a simple hook-up or chorus would be best to help you create a mental picture of what song you want. Try different rhythms in your head, but don’t use too many words.

Could you write it down?

After brainstorming ideas and coming up with some lyrics, or the story behind it, it is time to give it a name. This is where you’ll take note of your musical notation, how it fits with the beat in your head, and what you can do to adjust it.

You should arrange the songs in the proper chorus and verse. Then, hum the music with your mind or play it before you go to the studio. This will give you a picture of how it will sound when it is finished as a song.

Does Rihanna Write Her Own Songs? Write more songs Keep writing. You will improve your rhythm control and ability to keep your notes in the right place. Keep writing. You can claim mastery of songwriting if you continue to do it consistently. Songs based on actual events often reach more people because they are relatable and can be connected. 

Top Songwriters That Didn’t Write Their Songs

Today, it is common for music stars to prefer to pay for lyrics than write them. Some even go so far as to remake an old song and change a few verse lines. We will be looking at some prominent stars who barely write songs.

Elf Presley

He is a rock music king. He is well-known for his rock music style and is a tremendous actor that has never written any of his songs. Colonel Tom Packer, his manager then, helped him by using their influence to get him great songwriters. But unfortunately, he didn’t give credit to some of the songwriters for some of the hit songs he made.

Elton John

Elton John is also known as Reginald Dwight by his family and friends. He is a well-known piano-playing sensation for his exceptional singing and piano-playing skills. Although he is a singer/songwriter, he did not compose his songs. Instead, Bernie Taupin, his long-time partner in writing, is the man behind his lyrics. Elton composed the music for almost all the pieces and albums, but Taupin wrote the songs.

Diana Ross

Diana Ross is a well-known singer. Born in 1940, she was a star in America when she became the lead vocalist in The Supremes. She was also a famous solo artist and had many hit songs to her credit.

These songs are still trendy and can be enjoyed by any music lover of this century. However, the sensational artist didn’t care about the lyrics as she had many songwriters on her team.

Whitney Houston

Whitney Houston is well-known for her powerful voice. She could reach such high notes that it was almost impossible to hear the lyrics. Instead, you get lost in the melodies of her voice. Her powerful voice was the key to her success as a musician.

Among the many accolades, she received was that 39 of her songs were included in the Billboard Top 100. She also received numerous awards and nominations. However, she did not write the songs she sang.

Marvin Gaye

Marvin was one of the founders and leaders of the Midtown Sound. He is known for his uniqueness. His exceptional music selection and style made him stand out among his peers.

He didn’t write his songs and paid songwriters for good lyrics. “I Heard it Through the Grapevine” is one of the songs that a songwriter wrote. However, he only began writing songs when he was well-known worldwide.


These facts make it difficult to answer the question, “Did Rihanna write her song?”. Rihanna is the author of some songs but not all of them. You’d be surprised to know that she isn’t the only one who makes a living from songwriting.

Many famous artists don’t write their songs. Today, most musicians openly admit that they don’t write their songs. It doesn’t matter if she wrote her songs. It doesn’t matter if she sings a song. We hear not only the lyrics but an aura that moves with her voice and makes us want to listen.

Rihanna is still a great musician whose songs are still a hit and doesn’t seem to be slowing down.