/Reasons to Insource Plastic Fabrication over Metal in Gold Coast

Reasons to Insource Plastic Fabrication over Metal in Gold Coast

Reasons to Insource Plastic Fabrication over Metal in Gold Coast. Plastics manufacturing vs. metal is a common industry debate. Traditionally, metalworking was the most preferred production method. However, in recent decades, plastic fabrication has continued to conquer the market. As you know, plastic products are widely used all over the world. This is certainly the reason why plastic manufacturing is becoming more and more popular. One might think that plastic production is chosen by manufacturers solely because of the ease of processing and the associated cost advantages. However, this is not entirely true. Plastic construction is better than metal construction in several aspects. It is often chosen over metalworking for this reason. This post explains why you should choose plastic over metal and justifies all the beneficial aspects they offer.

What does fabrication do?

When processing plastics, they are often in a form that cannot be used for your purposes. That means you have to get help from manufacturers who turn plastic into something useful.

This can include milling, machining, and manipulating plastic sheets. It can even be glued to plastic or other materials to create the perfect item for your needs.


Cost is another reason to inject plastic molds yourself. Most companies that outsource plastic manufacturing don’t have the equipment and expertise to do their own plastic molding, so outsourcing is a way for them to save money. Since we specialize in plastic injection molding, we already have the necessary equipment for the job. Because of the volume we produce, it is actually cheaper for us, in the long run, to invest in our own equipment and labor than to outsource it.


Metal is heavier than plastic due to its higher specific gravity. However, plastic is a polymer with lower specific gravity and therefore lightweight. It is known that identical components made of metal and plastic differ in weight. Depending on the type of plastic polymer used, plastic components can be half to six times lighter than metal components. Therefore, the use of plastic manufacturing can help reduce product weight, which in turn leads to more convenient handling, packaging and transportation of products.


It depends on the material properties selected for CNC plastic machining. Metal by nature is hard, strong, and difficult to work with. On the other hand, most plastic materials such as acrylic, ABS, polycarbonate, and PVC are easy to process and have good processing. The dimensional stability of plastic materials makes them suitable for designing complex components. Thermoplastic or thermoset plastics can offer tremendous design flexibility.


Plastic production takes less time due to shorter production cycles. When heated, the metal takes a long time to cool and become diametrically aligned. On the other hand, due to the coherent bonds between molecules, the molten plastic material settles easily. Therefore, in plastic manufacturing processes such as molding, extrusion, bending, etc., the production lead time is kept short.


Now that you have outlined the main differences between plastic and metal crafts, it is important to understand that plastic crafts are only effective when done correctly. For this reason, it is important to work with a highly experienced specialty plastic fabricator such as Perspex Online, which Specialises in the fabrication of plastic products and accessories at the highest standards here on the Gold Coast, Australia.