/Probate Lawyers in Layton, Utah 2022

Probate Lawyers in Layton, Utah 2022

Probate Lawyers in Layton, Utah 2022. A probate lawyer is a person who can help you settle a probate case. They are also able to help you with business succession planning and estate planning. The probate lawyers at the Skoubye Law Office help clients in Layton with a variety of situations, including estate planning, business succession, and probate. They handle the probate of a will or trust at death, minor or incapacity probates, and estate litigation. If you are looking for probate lawyers in Layton visit this website https://www.worldentertainmentonline.com/.

Trusted Estate Planning Attorneys

For families in need of an estate plan, trusted estate planning attorneys in Layton, Utah, can be a great choice. They provide legal representation to individuals and families in the Probate Court, help beneficiaries settle estates, and handle assets when their loved one dies. Trusted estate planning attorneys are licensed to practice in both Utah and Nevada. They are experienced in dealing with clients who own property in both states.

One law firm that represents people in Layton is Stevenson Smith Hood Knudson, PLLC. This firm specializes in estate planning and probate law, and its attorneys are experienced in handling these matters. Their attorneys can help you create a will or set up medical and durable powers of attorney, which can make the process of administering an estate a lot easier for those left behind.

Roy Johnston

If you are looking for a Probate Lawyer in Layton, Utah, you’ve come to the right place. Roy Johnston is an award-winning probate lawyer with a long-standing career. Known for his personality and commitment to exceeding client expectations, Roy is an estate planning and probate attorney who goes the extra mile for his clients. He will passionately defend your interests and help you understand your options in the probate process.

Erik S. Helgesen

Attorney Erik S. Helgesen, a Probate Lawyer in Layton, Utah, has been practicing law for over four years. He received his law degree from Michigan State University in 2011, after which he relocated to Utah. Erik focuses his practice on probate and estate planning, asset protection, and workers’ compensation. He has been involved in the legal field his entire life, having grown up in a large family and served a two-year mission in Brazil. Helgesen is also an active member of his son’s t-ball team.

His experience comes from growing up with the law and being surrounded by it. Since his father is an attorney, Erik has been exposed to a wide range of legal issues in his short career. Helgesen prides himself on effectively using his time to learn as much as he can about each client’s case. He also takes the time to get to know each client and learn about his family history and current legal situation.

Jeff Skoubye

If you or a loved one passed away unexpectedly, probate may be an important task. Jeff Skoubye, Probate Lawyer in Layton Utah, can help you navigate the process of distributing an estate. Probate lawyers help people set up and execute estate planning documents that will allow beneficiaries to benefit from the estates they leave behind. These documents may include wills, durable powers of attorney, and medical powers of attorney.