/The HR Lady is a Consultant, Speaker, and Disruptor

The HR Lady is a Consultant, Speaker, and Disruptor

The HR Lady is a consultant, speaker, and author. But what is she really? And what is she doing to make her mark? Read on to learn about the HR consultant and disruptor who is shaking up the corporate world. Let’s take a closer look at each of them. What makes them stand out from the rest? Here are a few reasons. And don’t forget to subscribe to her newsletter!

HR Lady is a speaker

The HR Lady is a speaker who can help your HR department grow. Her experience spans the field of HR and beyond, from bestselling authors to CEOs. As the co-founder of the HR Happy Hour podcast, she regularly features and applauds peers’ work. Her posts on LinkedIn are enlightening and honest, and her predictions during March Madness have been widely shared. You can visit.

The HR Lady is a speaker who is passionate about helping people succeed. She is a former HR professional and freelance writer who gives career advice with a witty touch. Her insights and experiences have helped millions develop stronger careers and become better managers. She tweets about HR and leadership and responds to connections on LinkedIn. Her message is as relevant as it is entertaining. And her audience will feel empowered and inspired. She’s a dynamic speaker who’ll leave you inspired to take your career to the next level.

She is a consultant

Wendy Sellers, aka the HR Lady, is an author, speaker, and consultant who offers training and expert HR advice to companies and organizations. With no agenda, she helps employers transform their businesses into “employers of choice.” Her blog is authentic and down-to-earth. Her books and pre-recorded training phase series is designed to give busy businesspeople the tools and knowledge they need to become an employer of choice.

An HR professional is necessary for any company’s success. It’s essential to build a culture of respect and care and a positive reputation. It’s also critical to ensure leadership understands that people matter. Fortunately, the HR Lady is one of the most popular names in HR consulting and provides excellent services. As an HR manager, you need to be honest, practical, and able to lead people. With her expertise, you can expect your company’s culture to thrive!

She is an author

If you’re a newbie to the field of human resources, you’ve probably heard of the popular blog “The Evil HR Lady.” The title is a play on words, but it’s not a bad idea – Suzanne Lucas is actually a lovely person. She has years of experience in the field and offers helpful advice for managers and those looking to enter the field. “Don’t be afraid to ask questions,” she says.

The HR Lady is an author and consultant with 25 years of experience in HR operations. She is known for her ability to motivate her audience with humor and high-energy presentations. Her articles range from HR topics to leadership development to the benefits of a four-day work week. She also responds to emails from her readers and provides a live chat service to answer questions. Whether you’re looking to improve your management style or increase your team’s morale, The HR Lady is the right person to help you with your issues.

She is a disruptor

“The HR Lady” (r) is an author and consultant who helps organizations become employers of choice. She provides expert HR advice, training, and DiSC assessments to help employers build a culture of respect and loyalty for their employees. As an HR disruptor, she is an authentic human being with no hidden agenda. As a result, her approach is refreshingly unorthodox, yet highly practical and relevant. It’s a great resource for any organization that wants to improve its culture and attract top talent.

“HR disruption” is not only about disruption but also about bringing the human element back into the HR process. Rather than being an exception, HR should be a norm. Every company should have a deep culture that fosters growth opportunities and a human connection. Without this culture, people will leave. That’s the first rule of disruptive HR. For more information, visit The HR Lady’s website. And, be sure to join the DisruptHR Chicago community!

She blogs about HR practices

The HR Lady is a blog written by Laurie Ruettimann, a speaker, entrepreneur, and podcaster. She demystifies HR practices and answers questions from readers. Her straightforward, honest writing style and candid discussions of the latest trends in HR make her a favorite among readers. Her topics range from healthy sleep habits to the challenges facing HR professionals. While some of her topics aren’t always immediately applicable, they are often helpful to HR professionals.

While the blog hasn’t been updated in a while, the content is still relevant to today’s workplace. While Kelly Long’s content can seem a little dry at times, she keeps it lighthearted and relevant. Recent posts include “Stop Putting Your Employees in Boxes,” “That’s Right, We Dance!” and “The Super Bowl of Leadership.”