/How to Save on Your Next Hotel Stay in Dubai

How to Save on Your Next Hotel Stay in Dubai

Staying in hotels while traveling can be a great way to see a new city. They’re also a pretty affordable way to do so. Hotels are generally much cheaper than renting an apartment for the same period, but they can still get expensive. Luckily, there are ways to save money on your next hotel stay in Dubai. Many sites can help you find cheap hotels and accommodations wherever you want to travel. Booking is one such site that offers great deals on hotels worldwide. Their website makes finding great accommodations at affordable prices easy, and their booking codes make it even cheaper. With these tips and tricks, you should be able to get the best deal possible when making your reservations with a booking promo code!

Use promo codes to save more on your next trip.

You can use a booking.com code to get cheaper rates if you’re booking a hotel stay. Just enter the code during the reservation process, and you’ll see the discount applied. You can use this code in various ways. Some promo codes will apply to a certain hotel, while others will apply to a certain type of booking. Some Promo codes can be used as a percentage of your stay and others as a certain amount of the total cost. Before booking, check the Promo code terms and conditions to see how you can use them.

How to Use booking promo code

If you’re using a booking.com code, you must ensure you enter it correctly. When booking your hotel in Dubai, the system will ask you to enter the booking code. Don’t forget to do this! Make sure to click “I have a promo code” and enter the booking Promo code as instructed. If you forget to enter the Promo code, call their customer service number about 15 minutes after booking to ask them to refund the discount.

Split your stay

If you’re planning to stay in the same hotel for multiple nights, ask if they offer a cheaper rate for booking the stay in one reservation rather than multiple. Some hotels offer cheaper rates if you book a stay over a certain number of nights in one reservation. It’s worth asking when you’re booking your stay online or over the phone to see if they have a cheaper rate. This is especially true if you’re booking a hotel stay of fewer than seven nights. Many hotels only offer you a one- or two-night stay if you book online. If you go to the hotel’s website and ask if they have a cheaper rate for a three-night stay, you may find that you can save money.

Check the hotel’s included amenities.

If you’re booking a hotel in Dubai, ensure you know what’s included in the room rate. Some hotels include breakfast, while others don’t. Some have parking, and others don’t. Some hotels offer internet, and others charge extra for it. Make a list of the amenities you want to be included in your room and find hotels that meet those requirements. Check to see if the amenities come with the room rate or if they’re added on as extra charges. If you can get free breakfast from your stay, that’s a great way to save a few extra bucks.

Check for hidden fees with a calculator

Most hotels aren’t direct with the extra charges they tack onto your stay. You may not know how much your stay will cost until you get the bill at the end of your trip. Before booking, find a calculator that lists the hidden fees associated with hotel stays. Plug in the hotel you’re considering booking and see what comes up. This is especially true for hotel stays in big cities. Hotels in big cities often charge more for the rooms because they’re in higher demand. As a result, they may also have higher hidden fees. On the other hand, hotels in more rural areas may have lower rates and lower hidden fees since they don’t attract as many vacationers.


If you’re booking a hotel in Dubai, it’s a good idea to use the booking.com code. This site has lots of other hotel listings from all around the world. It’s also easy to use their site to find hotels that fit your criteria. They regularly run hotel booking deals and offer promo codes that help you save even more money on your stay. When you book a hotel stay, make sure to check for hidden fees. This will help you avoid any nasty surprises at the end of your stay.