/For Whom is Lung Cancer Screening Essential?
Lung cancer screening

For Whom is Lung Cancer Screening Essential?

Lung cancer screening is typically advised for those people who have a greater risk of getting the disease. Therefore, it is vital to discuss with the doctor if anyone wants to go for the screening. Lung cancer screening is suggested especially for a few people who smoke presently or used to smoke in the past. There may not be any typical signs or symptoms for lung cancer. By and large, the lung cancer symptoms will not be visible till the illness will be at an advanced stage already. Sometimes, if the symptoms are noticeable, people may think it is something else, leading to a delayed diagnosis of the illness. 

The most crucial benefit of going for a lung cancer screening test is the lessened chance of a person dying from the disease. However, it is important to note here that a low-dose CT scan may not be able to find all cancers, all may not be found in the initial stages and the screening may not prevent a patient’s death.  If there are false positive results in the LDCT scans, a person will have to go for more CT scans, and even invasive tests like a lung biopsy. More CT scans means more exposure to radiation.

Who should go for lung cancer screening?

Lung cancer screening is usually recommended for those people only who are at an increased risk for developing the issue. It is crucial to go for the screening only after consulting the doctor. If lung cancer is revealed at the initial stage itself, it is easier to be effectively managed as well as treated. Lung cancer screening is recommended by doctors for people who are smokers presently or used to heavily smoke previously. The dangers of lung cancer may be lessened quite a lot by quitting smoking. There might be no obvious signs and symptoms of lung cancer in a person. Mostly, the lung cancer signs and symptoms will not appear till the disease will be at the later stages. Sometimes, even if the symptoms can be seen, it is quite possible that people might be unaware of the possibility of having lung cancer. This can lead to the disease diagnosis at later stages.

What will a full body checkup in Gurgaon typically include?

A full body checkup in Gurgaon will comprise of the following tests for assessing the complete health status of the person.

• Thorough evaluation of the whole body

• Examining the urine

• Total blood count test

• Assessment of the Blood pressure and blood sugar levels 

• Other lab tests that are important for monitoring a person’s health

A full body checkup in Gurgaon can contain a variety of tests for everyone as per their age, health status, and gender. Some additional tests may also be suggested in a few cases.

Who requires a full body checkup in Gurgaon?

Going for a full body checkup in Gurgaon is very advantageous. People of all ages need a full-body checkup.

However, it may be especially essential for these people – 

• People who are experiencing from any chronic illnesses

• People who are displaying any signs and symptoms of a disease

• If surgery is required for any person

• Old people and also people who are over 50 years of age 

People have to understand that most illnesses don’t show any symptoms unless it is in the advanced stage, at which treatment and recovery may become problematic. Detecting a problem in the earlier stages will prevent them from becoming chronic. A full body checkup in Gurgaon helps in finding the risk factors for chronic diseases, allowing a person to take steps to better manage their health. People will be able to take the necessary actions on time to make important lifestyle changes and get the correct treatment for improving their health.


Effective screening helps in looking for cancers before it is too late. The possibility of lung cancer can be lessened to much extent by quitting smoking. In case lung cancer is uncovered at an earlier stage with lung cancer screening, it might be much easier to be successfully treated and managed.