/Want to Drive with A Tank Bag? Learn The Pros and Cons of It
Want to Drive with A Tank Bag? Learn The Pros and Cons of It

Want to Drive with A Tank Bag? Learn The Pros and Cons of It

Most bikers have a hard time choosing motorcycle luggage. There are several bike bags, each of which offers different functions. Some are great for short commutes, while others comfort your long ride. Do you want to drive with a tank bag or a tail bag? Then, learning the pros and cons of using them would help you make an informed choice.

What Is a Tail Bag?

Your motorcycle’s passenger seat and a portion of the tail remain covered by a tail bag that is attached to the back. When purchasing a tail bag for bike, you should pay attention to some important qualities and advantages, such as:

  • Waterproof cover storage
  • Side pocket storage
  • Exterior storage 
  • Rugged carrying handle
  • Quick-release securing strap (under buckle) 
  • Wide mouth main compartment opening
  • Reinforced base


Tail bags greatly expand your carrying capacity without the need for a baggage rack, making lengthy rides more convenient. The designs of these bike touring accessories are adaptable, reliable, and safe. The bag’s anti-scratch base guarantees that your bike won’t get scratched, and the bottom has hook and loop straps that help to secure the bag to the seat.

Ride in peace, knowing that both your bike and the items in the bag are secure. Sport, sport-touring, and adventure touring bikes can all have tail bags. You must use this bag for bikes with a tall section width of 10.2 inches or less.


Apart from offering various benefits, tail bags for motorbikes also have disadvantages. When you want to drive with a tank bag, you don’t get to see it as it remains behind you. So, while riding, you don’t get access to things quickly. You have to dismount it whenever you stop for a while to get something out of the bag. 

Moreover, if you leave the zipper open mistakenly, it could easily blow out the bag’s contents. Also, using a tail bag is not helpful if someone is traveling with you. It is mainly because you must first remove the pillion seat to install the tail bag. It is not waterproof as well. Therefore, using it while riding through rain could be disadvantageous. 

What Is a Tank Bag?

As its name suggests, a tank bag fastens to the bike’s tank. They come in a variety of shapes and sizes. When purchasing a tank bag, you should pay attention to a few important qualities and advantages, such as:

  • Rugged carrying handle
  • Easy access to lower pocket
  • Clear Map pouch 
  • Flap securing buckles
  • Extra side pockets
  • Hard-sided main compartments
  • Multi-Magnetic flap
  • Wide mouth opening
  • Organisational mesh pouch 
  • Wide mouth Mid-Bag Pocket
  • Included waterproof cover


Motorcycle tank bags are excellent for daily usage since they let you keep your essential belongings in a small, portable manner. They don’t take up much space or restrict your movement when riding. Another benefit of having it on your tank is that it is always visible, and features like a transparent map pouch eliminates the need for a mounting bracket.

The ideal “on-the-go” bag, some styles may even transform into a backpack with cushioned shoulder straps. The majority of motorcycles can use them. Tank bags are a good option overall because they are frequently on the smaller side and are simple to attach and detach.


Similar to how you drive with a tank bag, tank bags have some cons. Firstly, you must remove the tank bag every time you stop to fuel up. If it has a complicated attaching system, it makes it difficult for you to detach the bag. Moreover, the weight of the bag is also on the heavier side. Also, it is big and bulky. Thus, traveling with this bag or going on long rides might not be convenient.

Drive With a Tank Bag in Style with These Features

The tank bag comes in three combinations:

  1. Tank bag with phone pouch –

A trendy phone pouch that differs from the typical, unattractive, and bulky phone pouches are present with the tank bag. You can fit in most types of phones and easily use navigation applications while in the pouch. You can attach the tank bag to the bike tank with just two snaps, which is also belt-mountable. Two magnets are on the bag for easy attachment to the motorbike tank.

  1. Tank bag with tank pouch

The tank pouch and bag combine the most significant features of both worlds. The tank bag’s capacity and tank pouch’s small size. It is essential for extended motorbike journeys. Two belts make it simple to attach the tank pouch to the tank bag.

  1. Tank bag, tank pouch, and phone pouch –

You may utilise whatever you wish, depending on your disposition and the nature of your journey. The tank and tail bag are a larger version of the beloved tank pouch. You may sling it over your shoulder like a sling bag or put it on the motorcycle’s tank. The handcrafted leather bag has a carrying capacity of 4.4 litres. 

You may carry more than just your riding necessities in such a big area. It has six powerful magnets that allow it to fit around the tank by moulding it to its contour. During lengthy journeys, you can ensure the luggage will be tied safely.

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