/What are the Different Colors of American Spirits? The Natural Brand

What are the Different Colors of American Spirits? The Natural Brand

What are the Different Colors of American Spirits? Natural American Spirits is owned by Reynolds American. Santa Fe Natural Tobacco Company manufactures and packages various products. American spirits packaging is distinctive.

All packs of tobacco products in the UK are made from olive oil. American spirit packages come in a variety of colors.

The colors can be used to indicate the amount of nicotine or tar in particular cigarettes. We’ll highlight the different colors and describe their uniqueness in this article. Let’s move on to the most frequently asked question.

What Are the Different Colors of American Spirits?

American Spirits are known for their unique packaging. The 30g size of the cigarettes is usually in yellow, orange, or blue. These are the primary colors. Additional colors include gold, green and black as well as brown, grey, grey, orange, and grey.

American Spirits describes its products as natural during marketing. This means that their cigarettes and other tobacco products are made from organic tobacco.

The brand’s unique marketing strategy of combining togetherness and packaging has earned it a lot of popularity among Americans. It is perceived as less harmful than other brands.

The Colors Of The Natural American Spirit

Many cigarette companies today are using better euphemisms. Many are now using colors to market their brands. This will allow smokers to choose low-tar cigarettes.

Smokers will soon be able to order cigarettes by color. They will use words like yellow and orange.

Each pack will have a different content range. The colors will help you distinguish them. American Spirits used colors many years ago.

Today, the company’s tobacco products and cigarettes come in five distinct colors. These are some of the most popular colors.

1. Blue

Blue-pack cigarettes have a full-bodied flavor. This packaging was introduced in 1985.

The company wasn’t fully automated during those days. The company received its orders mainly through the telephone.

The blue color was a big success for the company. This was the first step toward success. Blue packaged cigarettes are made with the original American Spirit blend. It is the benchmark for all other brands of cigarettes. It is made entirely from premium tobacco.

 It’s 100% made from natural tobacco.

2. Yellow

The yellow pack cigarettes have a mild taste. It was first introduced in 1998. It quickly became a brand favorite. The yellow pack contains no additives.

The yellow pack has up to 25% more tobacco. Your mellow taste will last longer.

American Spirit cigarettes contain 25% more tobacco. They are therefore larger than other brands’ king-size cigarettes.

3. Orange

Orange pack cigarettes have a pleasant, smooth taste. It was first introduced on the market in 1999.

This pack contains only 100% natural cigarettes. The orange pack contains up to 25% more tobacco than the other packs. You will enjoy your smoke.

Additional colors

1. Turquoise

The full-bodied taste of the turquoise pack cigarettes is evident. Organic tobacco is used to make cigarettes. It was grown in the United States. The 100% additive-free turquoise pack comes with no additional ingredients.

The brand was successful with natural tobacco and decided to experiment with organic tobacco. The company purchases tobacco from different farmers in the United States.

Organic tobacco is grown in accordance with the USDA’s criteria. This program encourages farmers to responsibly use the earth’s resources.

The company fosters good relationships with farmers and assists them in protecting and improving the environment.

2. Gold

The gold pack cigarettes are mild in taste. The pack is made from organic tobacco grown in the United States. It boasts 100% no additives.

3. Dark Green

Dark green packs of cigarettes have a full-bodied, menthol taste. The mint plant meets the organic process to produce the menthol taste.

The company spent a lot of time researching to find the ideal mint plant for organic processing.

Fresh mint crystals give the cigarettes a minty taste. The crystals were placed in the filters.

The company used liquid menthol to spray the tobacco. Crystals allow for long-lasting menthol in cigarettes.

The dark green pack cigarettes, which are made of organic tobacco, are free from any additives.

4. Green

The green pack cigarettes are mildly menthol-flavored. The mint plant is responsible for the menthol taste. Fresh mint crystals are what give cigarettes their flavor. The green-pack cigarettes are made from organic tobacco and contain no additives.

5. Black

Black-pack cigarettes are rich and robust in taste. It is made entirely from Perique tobacco and contains no additives.

It is grown only in St. James Parish, Louisiana. The tobacco has a strong flavor. The rich history of Perique tobacco is extensive.

Another thing that distinguishes tobacco is the traditional farming methods. Chickasaw and Choctaw Indians were the first to cultivate tobacco.

This was around 400 years ago. It’s amazing that the tradition has been passed down through generations.

Processing is also very complex and requires exceptional skills. This involves one year in oak barrels.

Although the practice has been in place for many years, it relies on a timeless tool: the hand. Nearly all of the steps involved in manufacturing black-pack cigarettes require skilled workers.

From harvesting to de-stemming dried tobacco leaves, workers are involved. This company produces rich, robust cigarettes. This was possible through dedication and craftsmanship.

6. Brown

Non-filter brown pack cigarettes do not contain any filters. This is for people who don’t like any distractions between tobacco and them.

The American Spirits brown pack has the only no-filter option. All cigarettes are free of additives.

7. Celadon

Celadon packs have a balanced flavor. They are completely free of additives. The celadon pack cigarettes contain 25% more tobacco than other packs. The balanced smoke will last for longer hours.

8. Dark Blue

This dark blue pack is full-bodied. It’s also 100% additive-free and contains 25% tobacco.

It is made only from natural tobacco that has been sourced exclusively from American farms. It is done so that the United States local tobacco farmers can continue to grow.

9. Gray

The grey pack is rich in flavor. It’s made of Perique tobacco, just like the black pack. It’s manufactured in the same way as the black pack. These cigarettes are 100% free of additives.

10. Tan

Tan packs have a pleasant taste. The tan pack is made only from natural tobacco sourced exclusively from American farmers. The cigarettes contain no additives.

Other Product

1. Roll-Your-Own

Natural American Spirits has a product that lets you roll your tobacco. You can choose your size when rolling your tobacco.

Packaging can be either a pouch, a tin, or both. The best thing about this product is that it’s completely free of additives. The packaging usually comes with rolling papers inside. for information click here https://www.worldentertainmentonline.com/.

2. 100% Organic Blend

This pack contains organic tobacco that has been grown in accordance with USDA’s guidelines for farmers.

This program requires that the earth’s resources are used properly. The product is available in 40g pouches.

3. Perique

It is made from Perique tobacco, which is only grown in St. James Parish. This product is made from a complex process.

This involves the preservation of tobacco in oak barrels. The process is the same as for black and grey packs of cigarettes. The product is available in 40g pouches.

4. Original Blend

It is loved by many Americans, and it is the number one product of the company. It is made entirely from tobacco that has no additives.

Santa Fe Railyard began production in 1982. Packaging was then done under a shade. You can purchase the product in either 40g pouches or 150g tin.

5. Blend 100% US-Grown

It is completely free of additives. It’s made only from tobacco sourced exclusively from American farms. The company supports American tobacco farmers.

It is made from natural tobacco. You can purchase the packaging in either a 150g or 40g pouch.


The Natural American Spirit is a well-known brand in the United States. It is well-known for producing and selling cigarettes and other products that are natural, organic, and additive-free.

It is loved by both teens and adults.