/Most Popular December Global Holidays And Their Significant 2022-2023

Most Popular December Global Holidays And Their Significant 2022-2023

Most popular December global holidays, there are many holidays in December that it feels like we are celebrating the end of the year just like we celebrate the new year. There are Religious, International, National, and Fun Holidays in December. This is the month to relax, and enjoy spending time with your family to get ready and inspired for the great new year.

International Holidays

Wednesday, Dec 01, 2021, World AIDS Day

Thursday, Dec 02, 2021, International Day for the Abolition of Slavery

Friday, Dec 03, 2021, International Day of Persons with Disabilities

Sunday, Dec 05, 2021, International Volunteers Day

Tuesday, Dec 07, 2021, International Civil Aviation Day

Friday, Dec 10, 2021, Human Rights Day

Saturday, Dec 11, 2021, International Mountain Day

Saturday, Dec 18, 2021, International Migrants Day

World AIDS Day

Since 1988, World AIDS Day has been celebrated to remember great people that have been lost due to the HIV infection, give awareness of the cause of the AIDS pandemic, and raise funds for the people suffering from AIDS. The Day is often celebrated with a theme and the theme is given by the Global Steering Committee of the World AIDS Campaign(WAC). There are themes for every year but here are some. The Theme for 2005-2010 was “Stop AIDS. Keep the Promise” for leaders’ commitment and encouragement.  After that, It was “Getting to Zero: Zero new HIV Infections. Zero deaths from AIDS-related illness. Zero Discrimination”. In 2014, “Focus, Partner, Achieve An AIDS-Free Generation”. For 2020, “Global Solidarity Shared Responsibility” is given due to COVID-19. The Theme for 2021 World AIDS Day is “Ending the HIV Epidemic: Equitable Access, Everyone’s Voice”.

International Day for the Abolition of Slavery

This day has been celebrated since 1986 and was organised by the UN. The focus of this day is on eradicating contemporary forms of slavery, such as trafficking in persons, sexual exploitation, the worst forms of child labour, forced marriage, and the forced recruitment of children for use in armed conflict, fighting human trafficking by the General Assembly. It is to raise awareness about the ugly truth of slavery and avoid any kind of slavery happening in the world. The theme for 2021 is “Ending Slavery’s Legacy of Racism: A Global Imperative for Justice”.

International Day of People with Disabilities

This day has been making great changes and success in the life of a person with disabilities. It aims to support, dignify, understand, take care, encourage and give the right to the people. It creates awareness and makes people understand and respect the life of a Disabled Person. 2021 Theme of the International Day of Persons with Disabilities is “Not All Disabilities Are Visible”.

International Volunteers Day (For Economic and Social Development)

This day has the purpose to celebrate and appreciate the effort of volunteers and promote volunteerism opportunities. Celebrating this day is the inspiration and encouragement of people who volunteer to continue what they are doing. It also encourages government and leaders to support volunteerism and recognize, and appreciate the contribution of volunteers. The Theme of the 2020 International Volunteers Day was “Together We Can Through Volunteering”.

International Civil Aviation Day

The purpose of this day is to create worldwide awareness about International Civil Aviation to the Development of the state and cooperate with the great global network. The ICAO Council Representative chooses a new theme every 4-year intervening period. The Theme from 2020-2023 will be: “Advancing Innovation for Global Aviation Development”.

Human Rights Day

On this day, Dec 10, 1948, when the Universal Declaration of Human Rights(UDHR) was adopted by the United Nations General Assembly it is recalled. It is the Declaration that states everyone regardless of any kind of status should get Human rights. The Theme in 2020 was “Recover Better- Stand Up for Human Rights”.

International Mountain Day

2002 was declared the International Year of Mountains. It was then established that Dec, 11 was International Mountain Day. It is for the protection and sustainability of mountains. The Day is celebrated by creating awareness about the significance of mountains for life, creating opportunities for the development of mountains, and finding a way to bring change in the mountain environment. The Theme of 2021 is “Sustainable Mountain Tourism”.

International Migrants Day

Migration is a tough process, it is complete to overcome difficult life and live a better life. International Migrants Day is declared to improve the life of migrants, make the process easier, and get a good life in their homes. The Theme for 2020 was “Reimagining Human Mobility”.

Religious Holidays

The entire list of December Global Holidays along with the Religious Holidays In December are listed below.

Nov 28 – Dec 8, 2021, Hanukkah

Wednesday, Dec 8, 2021, Feast of the Immaculate Conception

Dec 9 and 12, 2021, Feast of Our Lady of Guadalupe                        

Monday, Dec 13, 2021, Santa Lucia

Tuesday, Dec 14, 2021, Asarah B’Tevet

Dec 21, 2021 – Jan 1, 202, Yule 

Thursday, Dec 23, 2021, Festivus

Friday, Dec 24, 2021, Christmas Eve

Saturday, Dec 25, 2021, Christmas 

Dec 26, 2021 – Jan 1, 2022, Kwanzaa

Sunday, Dec 26, Boxing Day

Friday, Dec 31, 2021, Omisoka, New Year’s Eve


It is also called the Feature of Lights. It is celebrated by the Jewish People. The Maccabees successfully revolts against Antiochus Epiphanes, the temple was purified and the wicks of the menorah miraculously burned for eight days. Not Only That, It is celebrated by lighting candles every night for eight days, singing, eating fried foods, and playing the dreidel game.

Feast of the Immaculate Conception

It is also called the Solemnity of the Immaculate Conception. It is celebrated by the Roman Catholic Church and some Protestant Christian Denominations. Furthermore, it is celebrated to praise the purest and sinless Conception of the Bless Virgin Mary without Original Sin. The Solemnity of the Immaculate Conception is celebrated by preparing grand fireworks, performing a cultural dance, religious processions, food, costumes, and Festive pageantry.

Feast of Our Lady of Guadalupe

It is also called Our Lady of Guadalupe Day. It is celebrated in Tepeyac Hill, Mexico City by the Catholic Church. Our Lady of Guadalupe Day is to honour the belief that Virgin Mary appeared before a man in Mexico City. It is celebrated by eating a traditional meal Gorditas de Nata, Lighting candles at the Basilica, Parishes with Mass, and Dancing.

Santa Lucia

It is also called Saint Lucy’s Day, celebrated across Italy, Sweden, and Norway by Lutherans, Roman Catholics, and Anglicans. Saint Lucy, the patron saint of the blind and her hometown of Siracusa, Sicilia, was one of the earliest recorded Christian martyrs. It is celebrated by wearing a crown of candles, eating traditional food Lussekatter, and remembering Saint Lucy who was killed because of her faith. There is a culture where Lussekatter(Saffron Bread), Ginger Biscuits, and Coffee is served by the eldest daughter wearing a white dress.

Asarah B’Tevet

This means the Tenth of Tevet, It is a fasting day for the Jewish People. It is the tenth day of the Hebrew month of Tevet. The Day is spent without food and drink. It’s fast for the remembrance of the siege of Jerusalem by Nebuchadnezzar II of Babylonia. On this Day, In Israel Kaddish (the Jewish prayer for the deceased) is recited for people whose date or place of death is unknown.


It is also called Yuletide or Yulefest. It is celebrated by Northern Europeans, German Peoples, Neopagans, and LaVeyan Satanists.  Yuletide is a Winter Festival that celebrates the Winter Solstice. The Celebration tradition is lighting and decorating trees and houses, giving gifts, and hanging up a mistletoe. It has a similar celebration to Christmas.


Festivus is a fun holiday that Writer Dan O’Keefe came up with to loosen up the religious and commercialism of the holiday season. It is celebrated with the following steps – Get a Festivus Pole (Aluminium Pole), Prepare a Festivus Dinner (Main course of turkey, ham, beef stew or lamb chops with pecan pie as dessert as described in the book “The Real Festivus”, author by writer Dan O’Keefe), Airing your Grievances (Complaint Publicly), Join in the Feats of Strength, Call all slightly non-routine events ‘Festivus miracles.

Christmas Eve

It is also called Christmas Evening, Christmas Vigil, Day before Christmas, Night before Christmas, celebrated all over the world by Christians. The Celebration is to honour the next day which is Christmas (The birthday of Jesus Christ).  Christmas Evening is often spent watching Christmas movies, reading the Christmas story in the bible, and sharing a Christmas Eve dinner.


Other names for Christmas are Noel and Nativity. It is a religious and also a cultural celebration. It is the celebration of Jesus Christ’s Birth and is most often spent by church service. Christmas is celebrated by Sharing a Special meal with the family and social gatherings, displaying various decorations, Christmas card exchange and giving gifts, and singing.

Boxing Day

Boxing Day or St. Stephen’s Day is the Day After Christmas. This Holiday aimed to encourage wealthy people to share and give gifts to the needy and homeless people. But Now, The Aim is lost and has become a day when you generously gift yourself what you need. It is more of a luxurious shopping day nowadays.


It is a Religious Holiday that is celebrated by African Americans, part of the African Diaspora in the United States of America.  The aim is to celebrate African Heritage and Culture. It is celebrated by Lighting Candles, Discussing the Principles, and Enjoying, the purpose of a Special Feast call Karamu. The Seven Candles (Mishumaa Saba) represent the Kwanzaa Principles – Unity, Faith, Self–determination, Creativity, Collective Work and Responsibility,  Purpose, and Cooperative Economics.


This Holiday is a Japanese version of New Year’s Eve. It is a time to be hygienic and welcomes the New Year. It is spent cleaning the house, taking long baths to clean up completely, prepare nice and clean clothes. Not only that it is spent with white and red tan clothes to represent purity with white and energy with red.

New Year’s Eve

It is celebrated at evening parties waiting for midnight (The beginning of the New Year) to wish the beloved one Happy New Year. It is celebrated by enjoying food, drinking, dancing, singing, and watching fireworks at evening parties.

Most popular December global holidays and their significant

Most popular December global holidays, there are many holidays in December that it feels like we are celebrating the end of the year just like we celebrate the new year. There are Religious, International, National, and Fun Holidays in December. This is the month to relax, and enjoy spending time with your family to get ready and inspired for the great new year.