/How To Evaluate Dubai Car Rental Promotions

How To Evaluate Dubai Car Rental Promotions

Why Choose Rental Cars?

How To Evaluate Dubai Car Rental Promotions Let us tell you some exciting options that could help you to find amazing car rental deals. As in Dubai, competition among rental companies is very high.  It is easy to find the best deals within your budget that are affordable and cheap.

How to Discover Best Car Rental Deals?

How To Evaluate Dubai Car Rental Promotions To discover various deals in the market you can visit different websites on the internet. You can get the complete information required to choose the best and most suitable deal. You can also check our website where you can find all the top brands of cars.

The car rental prices (Both the Highest range and Lowest range) with all features can also be checked easily. You can calculate the charges differentiated for daily basis car booking, weekly basis, and monthly basis. So that you can check the charges with your given budget.

Get a Car at your Doorstep

If you are searching for a car online, you must enter the category (brand & model) of your desired car along with the starting date and end date. You can also use the filters for price range and brand. We will suggest a car similar to your expectation.

Basic Categories of Cars in Dubai

Many people who want to rent a car in Dubai fall into these four categories. The regular deals that are offered with the given type of cars are given below. You can get an estimate of how much money you must spend.

  1. The first category of cars includes an Economy car. The rental car charges daily for the high season is AED 62 and AED 30 in the low season.
  2. The second deal contains the rent for a Mini car. You can get a deal of AED 100 for high season and AED 45 for the low season.
  3. Thirdly, the deal for 4×4 available will charge differently. The high season could cost AED 500 and AED 120 in the low season for a day tour.
  4. The last category includes people who can afford and want to ride a Luxury car. You would have to pay AED 200 in the High season and AED 150 in the Low season.


There is not much difference between rental car deals. Mostly the estimated cost of the high and low seasons does not vary much. The High season refers to the month starting from November to March.

The month from April till October is low season month. It is better to know each aspect of a perfect deal before getting a deal.