/Ask a Professional: Medit Scanners Review

Ask a Professional: Medit Scanners Review

Over the past decade, intraoral scanners have been a major innovation in dentistry, evolving the process and efficiencies of traditional impressions. With innovation, comes more options than ever.

Since hitting the intraoral scanner market in 2018, the Medit brand has made waves in the dental community as an ideal entry point into intraoral scanning for just about any dental or dental specialty practice. Simple to set up and use, this lightweight, fine-tipped scanner captures accurate, high-quality intraoral scans quickly and easily. So, is a Medit scanner really worthy of the hype?  Let’s take a look!

Clinical Applications

Like many other intraoral scanner brands, Medit scanners appeal to a broad range of dental practitioners. Medit’s primary market is doctors looking to begin incorporating this advanced imaging technology into their practice. Suitable for orthodontics as well as restorative dentistry, a Medit scanner is designed to perform quick and accurate scans for nearly any clinical application.

Comparing Models and Features

There are four Medit models available to consumers today. Medit’s first model was the Medit i500, which was feature-rich, lightweight, comfortable, and easy to use. Their latest generation models, the i600 and i700 are also innovative with their size, speed, and wireless scanning ability (i700 wireless).

Take a look at just some of the key features of each of these Medit scanners below:

  • Medit i500:
    • Small Tip: The Medit i500 features a small tip, enhancing patient comfort and operator maneuverability, making it easier to access those hard-to-reach areas.

    • Lightweight: The Medit i500 intraoral scanner weighs less than 300 grams, reducing operator fatigue and improving portability between dental operatories.

    • Single Button Control: Start, stop and move to the next scanning area with a click of a single button conveniently located on the i500 scanner wand.

    • Autoclavable Tips: Tips are autoclavable up to 50 times each.

  • Medit i600 & i700:
    • Lightweight: Both next-generation models of Medit scanners are 25% smaller and 12% lighter than the Medit i500.

    • Autoclavable Tips: Tips are autoclavable up to 150 times.

    • Speed & Accuracy: Both models have improved scanning performance, meaning you can capture scans at a greater speed and accuracy.

    • 45-Degree Mirror Angle: Increased mirror angle for easier capture of interproximal areas and distal molars.

  • Medit i700 Wireless:
    • First Wireless Model: The Medit i700 is available with or without a wire for easy configuration. Each model requires overall fewer cables than the Medit i500.

    • New Remote Control Button: This scanner features an additional control button for easier manipulation and capture of images.

  • All Medit scanners:
    • High Resolution: Realistic dental intraoral 3D scans help make diagnoses faster and more accurate than ever before. Easily distinguish between hard and soft tissue, margin lines, undercuts, and more. Plus, you can use these intraoral scanners as an intraoral camera to capture and store intraoral photographs, too!

    • Scanning Technology: Using 3D-in-motion video, Medit scanners capture true-color scans with a smooth video workflow.

    • Open Architecture: Easily export STL files captured to upload to labs, share with referrals, send to a 3D printer or milling machine, and so much more. The open architecture means it can be shared with just about any third-party program or software.

Medit Link Software 

Every Medit scanner includes access to the cloud-based, robust Medit Link scanner software.  Capture, plan, share and store your intraoral scans more efficiently for the ultimate in practice workflow. Medit Link includes a full set of treatment planning tools for more effective patient communication, enhancing patient understanding, and improving treatment acceptance.

Medit is one of the fastest companies to provide software upgrades. Users can get improved performance and new features through software upgrades.


With a portable laptop design, Medit scanners are meant to be easy to set up to start scanning quickly. Regular calibration of the scanner will ensure you have minimal downtime between scans, and scans are completed quickly – up to 1 minute per arch.

When you purchase a used Medit intraoral scanner from Renew Digital, your purchase is also supported through remote training with a clinical expert, unlimited remote support, and a comprehensive repair and/or replacement warranty. Contact them for more information and product availability, or you can simply purchase a certified pre-owned Medit intraoral scanner online today!

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