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Getting The Most Out of Your Apple Watch is Tricky Yet Easy

If you are an iPhone user, you might already be using an Apple watch. The is a wearable tech device that packs amazingly cool features and tools. It is not your ordinary watch and has kept the charm of Apple products. The Apple Watch does not disappoint with its extensive features, from taking selfies, reading books, and sending messages to steps counter and advanced fitness tracking. In addition, it has surprisingly good hacks and tricks – so much so that you might wonder where to start.

Don’t worry! We have gathered some tips on making the most of your Apple watch. Let’s get started!

1.   Apple Watch Can Help You Find Your Lost iPhone

If you misplace your iPhone, the may make a pinging noise to help you locate it. Swipe up from the bottom of the screen and press the button that resembles a ringing phone to get to that function. Holding the button down will activate your phone’s flash, which will help you locate it if you need additional assistance.

2.   Multiple Timers For Multitasking

To keep track of what you’re doing, set various timers on your Apple Watch. You may accomplish this manually by using the Timers app and configuring several custom timers. You can also use the Digital Crown to ask Siri a question. You may use Siri to set timers for various tasks, such as starting a 40-minute sourdough or a 10-minute hair treatment timer.

3.   Use Apple Watch To Track Your Sleep

Your Apple Watch automatically tracks your sleep and heart rate to help you manage your daily schedule. You must wear the watch to bed in order to get the benefit of this feature. Head on to the Health app and set up sleep mode.

The sleep mode helps you note when you want to sleep and wind down for bed. At your Wind Downtime, Sleep Mode will automatically turn off your notifications, but you may control who can contact you using the Focus interface. Apple will provide a summary of the alerts you got while you slept, the day’s weather, and other information when you wake up in the morning. In addition, Apple uses haptic alarms and gently taps your wrist so your sleep partner is not disturbed.

4.   Use Your Apple Watch To Take Photos

Your watch takes pictures too! Open the Camera Remote app on your watch and place your iPhone. Set your picture frame shot on the viewfinder of the Watch, and ta-da!

5.   Remove Unused Apps With Apple Watch

Similar to how you may delete apps from your iPhone, you can remove apps from your Apple Watch. When the undesirable app starts to vibrate, press and hold the icon for that app, tap the X icon, and the app will be deleted from your Watch.

6.   Never Miss An Important Notification With Apple Watch

If you’ve got a watch, you will probably never miss any notifications. But be ready for unsolicited notification spam along with this advantage. We recommend you customize notifications for some primary apps. Rest you should check your iPhone repeatedly to avoid a buzzing sound on your wrist.

7.   Hold Your Call With the Help of an Apple Watch

Choose “answer on iPhone” from the incoming call display if you wish to put the caller on hold or don’t want to answer the call immediately. A signal indicating that the caller has been placed on hold will be heard, allowing you time to find or get your iPhone.

8.   Activate the Fall Detection Feature

This is one of the standout safety features of the Watch since its very first iteration. It recognizes if a user is immobile for even one minute or at risk of a fall. It then calls away to the emergency services from the wrist. The feature is available to set up in the Watch app on iPhone. Of course, you can always turn it on or set it up during workouts or cycling.

In Conclusion

With the rising wearable technology trend, Apple Watch has become one of the most admirable tech gadgets. Whether you have got this as a gift this holiday season or bought one for yourself, these tips and tricks will let you enjoy the benefits of an Apple Watch.