/36 Best Creative Writing Prompts for High School
Creative writing prompts for high school

36 Best Creative Writing Prompts for High School

Reading and writing make humans something superior to animals. We all love writing. But we
even love more when we are challenged in life to do something positive. That is to do with
creative writing prompts for high school. How exciting that could be! We knew that after offering
paper writing help to many students like you. We are here to share some of our ideas with you.
These are the ideas that you can enjoy as well as seek inspiration from it.

What Are the Best Creative Writing Prompts for High School
That Are Not Boring?

Writing has to be something that you can enjoy and love. If you are not enjoying it, it does not
serve the purpose of writing. Here are some of the best creative writing prompts for high school
that you will enjoy and nourish your mind with their help.

Poetry Writing Prompts

Poetry is one of the oldest types of literature and it has existed since the beginning of human
memory. We would never want a world without poetry. Poetry is what gives meaning to our
lives, soul to our brains and lives to our hearts. If you enjoy poetry and are looking for some
creative writing prompts for high school related to poetry, here are some:
● Write a poem about the Civil War and its effects
● Write a poem about World War to from a Japanese perspective
● Write a poem that describes the story of a morning walk
● A haiku about daffodils
● A poem about the rising sun after the rain
● A poem about day and night and how they feel about each other
● Write a poem about animals partying in the forest

Story Writing Prompts

The art of story writing is one of the greatest aspects of humanity. It has always existed in
human civilization, one way or another. Be it the Greeks telling the stories in their tragedies or
modern-day humans telling the stories of Clark Kent through comic books. You could create a
whole new world by writing a story. Here is some coolest story writing prompts that you’re
gonna love.

● Write a poem gathering a group of your friends, hear their stories and combine them into
one story
● Ask your friends about the most memorable nightmares from childhood and write a
monster story about them
● Write a story imagining the friendship of a crow and a fox
● Rewrite the story of the Rabbit and the Tortoise reimagining it with modern elements
● Write the story of three greedy friends with a modern-day perspective
● Write a post-apocalyptic story about robots taking over the world
● Write a dystopian story where children are created in science labs
● Write a futuristic dystopian story about the world under one fascist regime

Flash Fiction Writing Prompts

What if you don’t have much time and don’t want to write too many words but still want to tell a
story? There is another way where you can write small pieces of fiction. And tell a whole story
without judging yourself. This is called flash fiction. It is possible that your high school teacher
has given you a flash fiction writing task. Here are some best creative writing prompts for high
school related to flash fiction:
● Write a piece of flash fiction about the story of two lovers symbolizing them as a rose
and a snowflake
● Write a story of two friends from different countries in the USA trying to make touch living
● Write a piece of flash fiction about the struggles of Mexican immigrants
● Write a story about the struggle of Black Women
● Write the story of the struggle of Black People for their writes
● Write a story about two people working in a coffee shop from different financial
● Write a story about two girls living in a dorm
● Write a piece of flash fiction about the friendship of a man and his racing horse

Prose Writing Prompts

Sometimes we just love to read text that goes with the flow, without any guided directions,
characters, or things like that. Leo Tolstoy, the author of Anna Karenina is our favourite. When it
comes to prose. Here are some creative writing prompts for high school related to prose:
● Write a piece of prose about your morning coffee
● Write some prose about the pen you just receive as a gift from your dearest friend.
● Write a piece of fiction about the experience of buying a computer and your feelings that
● Write about the first walking experience of a child

● Write a piece of prose about the recent book you have bought
● Share the experience of reading the first storybook of your life
● Write about a walk that you had with an old man

Essay Writing Prompts

What is the word that comes first to your mind when you are thinking about an essay? Don’t tell
its Frances Bacon, which is actually two words. If that’s so, our response is: “Same here.” We
love essay writing just like we love reading the essays of Francis Bacon. Here are some of the
best creative writing prompts for high school when it comes to essay writing:
● Write an essay about death and life and how they are both necessities of each other
● What differentiates the truth from lies? Is a lie always a fabricated truth?
● Write an about friends
● Write an essay about our preferences of friends with changing stages of life
● Write about your town
● Write about the election system in your country and what you think about


Now that you have ended this blog and seen our ideas,. You already know nothing is boring
about creative writing prompts for high school. If you have fun ideas like this, nothing can stop
you. Now go ahead and get your prompt of the year! You have to get the Student Of The Year,